What we stand for

Our mission statement is based on the fact that MH-PARTS is an owner-managed, innovative and environmentally-oriented enterprise with Hanseatic roots. Marcus Hoffmann emphasises on elementary components of this corporate philosophy:

> individual and collective performances

Relationships within the company as well as to our partners as customers, suppliers or consulters are treated respectfully. We listen and understand. We act for fair play.

> innovativ & relibale

We are always looking for new and suitable solutions to fullfill and improve our services. This is valid to our customers and partners within our network and naturally affects future relationships. Communication and all efforts recognizing everybodies goal are worked out impartially and constructively -on challenges and new ideas.

> Concious & responsible

With our strong focus on continuous improvements we ensure safe and high quality output in all areas. We work responsibly and are concious about our fellows as well as the environment. We admit to the european community in economic and social interests. Thereby our customers and partners profit of a range of advantages as highest qualitiy in products and services including delivery /shipping expenses.

> As a matter of course equality of treatment, opportunities and personal status is a fundamental principle within our daily work and life arrangement. We count on your support!