Our partners

MH-PARTS' sucessful trading strategy is based on professional networking. Our customers as well as our suppliers, distributors and service providers are treated cooperatively. We are all dealing with technical matters that need to be worked out precisely. Overhauling, repair and service require detailed knowlegde and exact handling. Together we persue the objective to solve problems and find the suitable solution. This includes also economic management to assure entire satisfaction and long-time partnership.

Our customers - maritime business supply
We serve the port industry, dock- and shipyards with spares for main engines, auxiliary drives and generators – needed for floating- & mobile cranes, reachstackers, shipboard cranes for bulk cargo, tug boats and other machinery. Additionally, customers among shipowning companies of ocean carriers of seagoing vessels, inland water vessels, engine repair companies, ship chandler, maritime management services and salesmen are counting on our services. In return we are cooperating with repair companies concerning projects of overhauling, post repair-tests and reconstruction of engines in this segment.

Our customers - power engineering

In this segment we supply operators and service companies of block heat-, biogas- and power plants. We deliver spare parts and components that are necessaryly needed for bio-, dump-, propane-, and crude oil- purposes as well as bioethanol. These spares need to be of best quality to fullfil gas technology requirements. Concerning projects of overhauling, post repair-tests and reconstruction of engines in this segment we are also engaged with our partners.

Our customers - forestry, the construction- and agriculture industry

In this wide range of drive engineering within different applications our customers also count on our know-how of parts needed for diesel engines. This include excavators, dumpers, cranes, harvester, forwarder and other commercial vehicles as well as trucks.

Our distributors, suppliers and technical providers

Within years Marcus-W. Hoffman himself built constantly a wide network of suppliers, service providers and logisic partners. This needs to be adapted steadily to guarantee qualitiy standards and reliability to achieve long-lasting solutions and partnership. To avoid long distance and high cost of delivery MH-PARTS accesses european network partners. We purchase directly from the manufacturer (Europe) or their partners – at best price. Referring to this we are able to guarantee highest quality of products. Our (OEM-) suppliers are certified – no doubt about quality necessary! Thereby MH-PARTS ensures qualitiy standards that everybody can rely on.

Together with our partners we are constantly working on our expertise and lay stress on efficient handling. MH-PARTS stands for authentic and knowledge-based consulting wether you just need a seal or have technical questions that need to be answered. Together we are strong - come in and join!