You need - we serve

Founder Marcus-W. Hoffmann started his career dealing with scaninavien engines. That's why he first specialized on different manufacturers from this region concerning spare parts supply.

With good grace business partners in forestry, the construction- and agriculture industry as well as in the maritime area use scandinavian engines. Power and necessary operational consumption fit and concerning spare parts are available on short call - predominantly and with MH-PARTS directly from the manufacturer if needed.

Spare parts concerning other brands and manufacturers can be organized primely as well. MH-PARTS deals with a wide range of partners to satisfy the customer's, your need. Because of intensive experiences and know-how, Marcus Hoffman is able to distribute competetively.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of specific need of spares, repair-kits, overhaul equipment or technical questions concerning your project. We will supply highest quality and standard wether you prefer genuine or OEM parts. Our service is not far away!