Who is MH-PARTS?

Marcus Hoffmann established MH-PARTS in the year 2006 in the city of Luebeck using his personal initials as part of the company's name. At this time the company's titel was MH-PARTS.COM – Marine & Industries, a label that included the name of the internet domain until today.

Marcus-W. Hoffmann was born in the Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany. He started his working life as motor mechanic, specialized in Scania engines within the group. After several professional trainings he graduated as technical and commercial specialist. He dealt with marine and industrial driving engineering and worked succesfully within the after market for several companies and manufacturers. In the beginning he was mainly dealing with SCANIA and SISU DIESEL, a fact that guarantees detailed know-how until today. Marcus Hoffman is convinced in technical progress. In cooperation wih many of his collegues new ideas and strategies are made up.

Marcus Hoffmann planned freelancing as trader and supplier within this market for a long time. After more than 20 years of experience, professional development and leading positions within the engine- and aftermarket he decided to provide his technical knowledge and experience to serve his own customers at the highest stage by himself.

Customers among the maritime business, forestry, the construction- and agriculture industry as well as operators and service companies of block heat-, biogas- and power plants accompanied Marcus Hoffmann for a long time and are now content partners within a wide business network.

In June 2011 MH-PARTS moved from Luebeck 25 kms east to the city of Carlow in Mecklenburg, near the balic sea and within the triangle of the Hanseatic Cities of Wismar-Luebeck-Hamburg.

In 2015 the company's name changed to MH-PARTS GmbH & Co. KG, a new form of coperate structure frequently used in Germany. Marcus Hoffmann will continue to develop strategies as supplier and his knowledge-based services - now and in the future.