Special OFFER

We proudly present our new tool to support our customers concerning overhauling maintenance repairs or needs of marine engines:

NORDMOTOR - marine engine & repair kits

NORDMOTOR is developped and designed in order to serve our customers on board as well as collegues in the backoffice adequately. NORDMOTOR is conceived, evolved and established towards a future oriented tool concerning marine engine and repair kits suitable for SCANIA und Agco Power (Valmet and Sisu, too). We as experts for marine engine repairkits & units are proud to provide this reasoned database including all up-to-date information, detailed specifiation, inquiry and order forms. NORDMOTOR correspond to all quality standards we are providing with MH-PARTS for years.

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Do you have any questions concerning spare parts suitable for other manufacturers, let us know what you need and we will check availability and price - Do not hesitate to contact us!